Light Crane Systems

Light Crane Systems

Light crane system is another variety of overhead travelling crane with a light weight supporting profile. In this system the long travel profile is suspended on the on the bottom of the runway Girder, where the cross travel profile is suspended on the bottom of the long travel profile and the hoist on the cross travel profile with Push pull trolleys.

This system enables the operator to easily position the Job/Material on the exact required location through manual movement. Mostly Hoisting application alone will be electric / motorized in this system.

This system can be directly supported from the building truss/beams and also the support can be taken from free standing columns. This Kind of system is mostly used in assembly lines of Automobile industry and in industries involves in cyclic processes with light weight components.


Safe working load range starts from 100kgs to 1000kgs with a span of 6 meters

Where to Use?

Indoor applications only