Wire Rope Hoists

MM Deals with two types of Wire Rope Hoists, where one is imported from STAHL Crane Systems, Germany and the other one is an indigenous Hoist which s manufactured in MM Engineers factory at Coimbatore.

STAHL hoists are high performance with stationary, Monorail & Double rail crab with Models SH and AS. The Safe working load of Stahl Wire Rope Hoists starts from 500kgs to 160000kgs. For further information visit www.Stahlcranes.in

The Indigenous 'MM' hoists are very cost effective and most suitable for rough handling in foundry applications such as hot metal handling, fettling etc

The Indigenous 'MM' hoists shall be used in all other industries like Machine shops, fabrication units, Paper , Chemical , Nuclear , Textile , Agricultural Engineering, Rubber, Pumps & Motors, Automobile Sector, Space Research etc..,

Why MM Wire Rope Hoist?

The Gears used in MM Hoists are noiseless ground gears, which enables the crane operator to have a hassle free work environment. The other components used are quality & standard components to avoid after sales service at least for minimum 3 years from supply.

Chain Hoists

MM incorporates its crane with STAHL chain Hoists with reduced headroom and overall dimensions with inbuilt motor temperature control design for special ambient conditions.

The Safe working load of STAHL chain Hoists starts from 125kgs to 6300kgs.

MM also incorporates its crane with other make indigenous chain hoists as per customer requirement.

For further information visit www.Stahlcranes.in.

Explosion Proof Hoists

STAHL Crane Systems, Germany is a specialist in manufacturing explosion protected hoists which is specially designed for working in hazardous areas and meets the ATEX requirements for zone1 or zone2 or zone21 or zone22.

The Safe working load of STAHL Explosion Proof Hoists starts from 1000kgs to 160000kgs MM Engineers also have its proven track record in supply of Indigenous Explosion Proof Hoists for various hazardous areas such as ISRO units, Atomic research centers, Nuclear Fuel Complex etc..,


Safe working load of Indigenous 'MM' Wire Rope Hoists starts from 250kgs to 75000kgs