Winches/Fixed Gantry Crane & Monorail System

Winches/Fixed Gantry Crane & Monorail System


Winches are the portable equipment which enables the user to change the location as per their requirement. Multilayer Reeving arrangement of rope provides larger lift height/larger horizontal access. Electrically operated mechanical winches up to 100 tons capacity are manufactured by MM indigenously as per customers' requirements and specifications.

Both manual and electric options are available in our range.

Monorail System

Monorail System is a 4 axis movement system of a hoist on a runway beam (Forward/ reverse & up/down) is designed to carry a load up to 5 tons to any length with minimum curvature of 1meter radius, with MM hoists & shrouded Busbar for power supply to the hoist. This provides speedier handling of materials with an aesthetic view. Monorail system is specifically to cater to the exact requirements of customers taking into consideration of the location advantages.

This system is mostly preferable in assembly lines and continuous cyclic operations.

Transfer trolleys

Material transfer trolleys is a boon in material handling industry which supports end user a lot in shifting the material form one bay to another bay. We own the range in manual, AC driven and Battery powered trolleys.

We design and manufacture up to 100t with various combination of width and length of the trolley as per the application.

Engineered Solution

MM also offers complete crane handling solutions with specially engineered products like after hook attachments such as Lifting Beams, Turnover device especially used for chassis rotation in assembly line in automobile industries and Structural lab equipments for Engineering colleges.

MM also designs customized equipments such as monitoring platform crane, Cooling Stack inspection devices especially for steel plants etc...